Hi, I am Aman Garg.

an enthusiastic programmer

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I'm a senior at Delhi Technological University (DTU), pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology. I have a keen interest in programming and I like to keep developing stuff for fun. I create clean, professional and functional websites. I've also developed an amazing platform for college students - Bookscroll, and an interactive board game - Isolation.

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When I'm not trying to make the Web a better place,
I can be found sketching, singing, writing poems & songs or doing other fun stuff

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I love developing everything from backend to frontend,
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My Works

Here's a collection of works I am proud of!


Summer 2018

This is an interactive and interesting board game called Isolation in which players have to isolate each other by blocking the tiles by moving on them. The player who isolates the rival first wins.

Bored? Play this really cool game implemented in React with horror-themed UI, sounds, offline play, online play via Redis, AI player and other amazing features.


Tic Tac Toe

Spring 2018

This is an interactive tic-tac-toe game built with ReactJS. Try playing it. You can also click on a button in the move list to go “back in time” and see what the board looked like just after that move was made. You can even resume playing the game from that move.

Bored? Play tic-tac-toe now and move back in history to learn where you went wrong

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Fall 2017

ScanBuddy is a smart web application with a smart chat-bot that fetches the information and history of the product directly from the database, thus providing a personalized and more satisfying experience to the user, while solving his problems during customer support. Thus, apart from reducing the need of manpower by replacing customer executives, it also provides a more efficient and faster solution to our problems.

I developed a chatbot in NodeJS which could communicate with the customers as well as access the database, so that user history can be fetched and a complaint can be registered by the chatbot itself. Then, I made a webpage to show the product and owner information based on the QR code scanned. For this, I also created an appropriate database to ensure smooth working of the platform. Lastly, I combined the chatbot on the same webpage, for a better user experience.

Have a query? Ask ScanBuddy about it, and enjoy personalised experience based on your history

Complaint Registration Bot
Customer Service Bot
Scanbuddy Web and Database

Game Development

Fall 2017

This project contains some exciting games, all developed in C++. They include a combat simulator, Tic Tac Toe, shop & inventory simulator and ASCII roguelike.

I developed all these games using just basic C++. I highlighted the use of Object Oriented Programming Concepts in each game. Some AI techniques (using just C++ concepts) are also used in the games to move the enemies towards the player. I also prepared a presentation describing how each OOP concept is implemented and why it is necessary for proper functioning of the game.

Bored? Play some exciting games, visit the links below

Combat Simulator
Tic Tac Toe
Shop and Inventory Simulator
ASCII Roguelike

JAB Gestor

Spring 2017

JAB Gestor is an android app to manage the vaccination schedule of a family (including pets). User has to enter the date of birth of the family members, and the complete month-wise vaccination schedule will be available in the app from the database.

I developed the database and APIs for the app. I used the date of birth from the app and the data from open-soure immunization tables to calculate the needed vaccines along with their monthly schedule. This schedule is different for men, women, boys, girls, cats and dogs.

Afraid of missing an immunization? Use our app

Android App
Backend and DB

Stocks’ Portfolio Management

Fall 2016

This project contains a fully functional website along with database, to buy/sell/manage stocks, apart from the ability to check real-time stock prices via Yahoo finance.

I used HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, PHP and MySQL in this project. I used login and registration module from a previous project of mine. The users can register and login, check live stock prices as per Yahoo Finance, buy and sell stocks, add cash to their account, check their complete history of transactions.

Wanna be the wolf of wall street? Start from my platform


Forensics - Image Manipulation using Pixels

Fall 2016

All the files are made up of bits. If we use 0 and 1, we can create a black and white image by using a 0 to represent black and a 1 to represent white. By using more bits per pixel, we can represent more colours. We can identify the type of image as each file extension has its own signature embedded in starting few bytes of the file.

In this project, we manipulate 24-bit bmp images, which have 8 bits for amount of red in the pixel's colour, 8 bits for the amount of green, and 8 bits for the amount of green. To copy, change, or manipulate colours in an image, the headers are copied after changing only a few values according to the properties of new image, as the extension remains the same. Then, image is iterated pixel by pixel, copying, resizing, or manipulating each pixel in a new file.

Have a picture you wanna edit? Do it easily using my programs


Game of Fifteen

Fall 2016

Game of Fifteen, also known as the 15 puzzle, is a 4x4 board game with randomly arranged tiles numbered from 1 to 15 and an empty space. The aim is to arrange the tiles in order by making sliding moves using the empty space.

I developed the game of fifteen for an NxN board. First, the game parses the size of the board from the command line arguments. Then, it greets the user as specified in the greet function. The init function initialises the NxN board by arranging the elements in reverse order. Then, an infinite while loop clears the screen, draws the board on the screen, outputs the board to a log file, checks for win by checking if the numbers are in order, asks for the move from the user, moves the corresponding tile, and repeats itself until the user wins or quits.

Bored? Keep your brain busy, play the game of fifteen


Data Encryption

Fall 2016

Caesar's Cipher and Vigenere's Cipher are techniques of encrypting text, each having its own pros and cons.

I created C programs to encrypt text using Caesar's Cipher and Vigenere's Cipher, as per user's specifications. User has to enter the text to be ciphered and the key, in order to generate encrypted text. I also analyzed the security of both algorithms for storing data in encrypted form.

Have a secret? Encrypt it using my programs


Web Server

Fall 2016

This web server, implemented in C language, is used to serve static content and dynamic content via PHP. It can be used on any port and any home directory in the computer.

Using the skeleton code provided by Harvard University, I implemented my very own web server. I wrote functions to parse command line arguments and get the port, root and other specifications of the server. I parsed the request and rendered the corresponding file, in a function named parse. Content is served by reading in the bytes, and spitting them back out. There is also a signal handler, to listen to Ctrl+C, for shutting down the server gracefully by freeing up memory.

Tired of using apache as your server? Try mine for a change


User Registration & Login Module

Fall 2016

This project aims to provide a simple user registration and login structure, that can be used by any application.

I used PHP, SQL, jQuery, JSON Web Tokens to ensure a smooth, functional and user friendly working of the system. APIs are written in PHP. Database is in SQL. JSON Web Tokens ensure the security.

Below is a link to the project's github repository. Feel free to use it


Pico's Space Game

Fall 2016

Pico's Space Game is a game with graphics in which various objects fall from the sky and you have to collect some objects & dodge others. You get 3 lives, which decrease by 1 if you collect an object you are not supposed to. Also, your score increases by 1 on collecting a desired object.

I designed this space game using Scratch, a platform by MIT. I used 4 backdrops, which represent the screens in the game. I used them for menu, instructions, gameplay and results. Also, I used 3 sprites, which represent the characters in the game. For player, there is code to control the movement according user input. For objects falling from above, there is code to control the time interval and the place of fall. Apart from that, I incorporated soundplay in the game, to play various sounds on occurrence of various events.

Visit the link below and try out my game. I hope you will like it


Featured Projects

Bookscroll is a platform for college students to buy and sell books and stationery among themselves.
This removes the commission of shopkeepers, thus saving money of both buyers and sellers.

Isolation is an interactive and interesting board game implemented in React,
with horror-themed UI, sounds, offline play, online play via Redis, AI player and other cool features.

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